The Green Paradise – Wayanad
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Wayanad, locally known as the green paradise, is one of the smallest districts in the state of Kerala, having a low population density. Not many know of it as a tourist destination, but add it to your list if you love to explore calm and serene places. Being surrounded by the Western Ghats, the whole district has a moderate or cool temperature all the year round. Situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, you will love to lose yourselves in the beautiful landscapes and lush green thick jungles everywhere.

For a mesmerizing experience, you can go on the hills for hiking, have some quiet and peaceful time at rivers and lakes, move around in the tea estates and even enjoy the wildlife safari. There are various home-stays that offer great value for money options during your visit.


Check out the list of the places that are a must visit in Wayanad:

Edakkal Cave

Edakkal Cave: It is a cave in the Ambukuthy mountain which is actually not a cave but a cleft about 96ft. long and 22ft wide in the rock. It appears as a cave to an ordinary onlooker because the other portion of the large cleft, which is a heavy weighing rock, has fallen over it resulting in the formation of a roof. The rock wall has some very beautiful and intricate carvings that give an idea of the highly civilized people that lived in the ancient times.


Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary

Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary: Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary are the wild forests of an area of about 345 sq. km.You can enjoy elephant rides in this biggest abode of wild animals in Malabar and can find animals like wild bear, tigers, bison, etc.


Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak: Get a breathtaking view of the hills, rocks and valleys which add to the charm of Wayanad. But trekking to Chembra peak isn’t an easy one and it takes almost a day to reach to the top. day. You can put up temporary camps and stay for a day or two to enjoy the scenic beauty of Wayanad.


Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island: Away from the city life, this is an uninhabited island on the tributaries of river Kabani, making it a perfect picnic spot. The only inhabitants of these evergreen forests are the rare species of birds, orchids and herbs. Make the most of the natural beauty and green surroundings of this beautiful place.


Banasura Sagar Dam: The largest earth dam in India, when full, forms many islands in the upstream of the dam. And with a backdrop of the Banasura hill, it becomes a view to cherish…!!

Wayanad has it in itself, to make any visitor fall in love with the place, be it food, landscape and even the journey to reach the destination. So whenever you plan to explore the south, do not forget to add this little paradise in your list.

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