The Magnificent Kullu Dussehra
Dhalpur Maidan,
| Himachal|

The festive season is here…and so is all the excitement and fun in the atmosphere. Make sure that you make the most of everything of all that is happening around you and not to miss out on anything amazing.

One thing that is a must visit during these festivities is the Kullu Dussehra. Majority of us have heard about it and those who haven’t, let me have the privilege to tell you that Kullu Dussehra is a mega dussehra festival that is renowned internationally and is a host to nearly 4-5 lac visitors from all across the globe. It commences on the “Vijaya Dashmi” and continues for the next seven days.

Kullu is already known as the land of Gods and Goddesses and has a vast history of age old traditions related to them. But the history behind the Kullu Dussehra dates back to the time when Raja Jagat Singh reigned over Kullu, from 1637 to 1672. The legend says that he was intrigued when he came to know about the pearls that were under the possession of a poor Brahmin Durga Dutt. The pearls were actually the “Pearls of Knowledge”, but he was quite adamant about getting those pearls, during the process of which Durga Dutt was tormented.

When the torture became intolerable, he locked himself along with his family and set the house on fire and cursed the Raja, as a result of which, the Raja used to see crawling worms in place of rice and human blood in place of water in the tumbler. He felt extremely sick of the hallucinations and wanted a way out. On the advice of a bairagi, Krishan Dutt, he procured a holy idol of Lord Rama from Ayodhya. After following all the Krishan Dutt suggested, the Raja started to recover.

He was so much influenced by his divine power that he abdicated his throne to become a ‘Chharibardar’ of Raghunathji and as an impact, all devis and devtas accepted an overall lordship of Raghunathji. Hence, on the day of Vijaya Dashmi, all the Gods and Goddesses of the state gather to pay obeisance to Raghunathji which is followed by celebrating the festivities together.

Something that makes these celebrations different from anywhere else is a folk touch to the festivities and the serenity of the Beas Valley, which is an abode to numerous Gods and Goddesses. So, come and cherish the grandeur of dussehra, amidst the congregation of deities and ageless temples.

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