The Mystery Behind Magnetic Hill Decoded
| Jammu and Kashmir|

Many of us have been to the beautiful lands of Ladakh, and those who haven’t, I bet, have dreamt of being there atleast once. “LADAKH”- The name that makes us imagine beautiful and serene landscapes. Wouldn’t you want to know more and more about this beautiful place?? For all you curious ones, I have news!!!

Amidst the secluded slopes, at the distance of 30km from Leh city, on the Leh- Kargil Highway, is a small stretch that defies the Law of Gravity of Physics. “Magnetic Hill” is, supposedly, the reason behind this. It is believed that it pulls stationary vehicles upwards. On this particular stretch, the road goes uphill, and if you turn off the engine of the vehicle, keeping it at neutral, it starts to move upwards, reaching the speed of 20 kmph. Doesn’t that sound mysterious and interesting at the same time??

There are many stories that prevail explaining this strange phenomenon. The locals believe that here existed, once, the path to heaven. The deserving ones were pulled towards the heaven, and others could not make their way towards it, however hard they tried.

Another belief that does rounds is the magnetic theory. It says that a strong magnetic force from the hill pulls the vehicles that are within range. Its effect is not only limited to the vehicles on road, but also the helicopters and aircrafts have experienced the same. The locals claim that the helicopters and aircrafts, flying in the region increase their speed to keep themselves unaffected of the magnetic effect of the hill. The aircrafts start to feel a jerk if they come in the magnetic radius. Even, the Indian Air Force pilots are known to divert their path for this reason.

The most believable of all these theories in that of the optical illusion. The layout of the surrounding land is such that the slope which is actually in the downwards direction appears to go upwards. Hence, the vehicles, without gear, in reality move downwards but due to the optical illusion of the slope, appear to move in the upward direction.

Keeping the theories in words, all we advise you is, plan a trip to this Paradise on Earth and experience this magic yourself. Whatever be the reason, don’t you think it is something you should let your own mind to understand and perceive the truth behind it?

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